Lenstip et al = waste of time rant.

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Re: Lenstip et al = waste of time rant.

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

There is no point in lenstip and other similar review sites who use 1st generation bodies, unless that is... you will be using the older bodies

It is a waste of time as these old sensors simply do not compare to the current generation of m43 bodies, which have the ability to go toe to toe with APS-C IQ.

The 75mm f1.8 outresolves these old sensors. There is no point testing sharpness on the old sensors if they bottleneck results.

Remember IQ is always a combination of body, lens AND technique.

That bears us to question review sites in general. They do not really indicate what kind of results you can get. Charts are fixed planes are they not? Do you shoot exclusively at art galleries or do you live in the 3d world of dynamic light?

We argue all day long about lens sharpness tested on flat planes and then in realisation of the 3d world of light in which we record photon vibrations, we then use lens hoods for better IQ. Do they use lens hoods in sharpness tests, I wonder?

Sharpness is also only one factor of image aesthetics. Sharpness is useless if the photo or video scene does not call for sharpness. These reviews say very little about other aspects of rendering and have little to no benchmarks on colour output and contrast characteristics.

I will take a lens that has smooth rendering over a much sharper lens with harsher rendering, ANY DAY.

A lens is about a balance of characteristics. The sum of its parts.

I think you wasted your time writing this non-well-though-out rant.

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