Df instead of my D800E??

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Re: Df instead of my D800E??

Let me translate this.

profus wrote:

Am I crazy? Well, I might be, but honestly I am thinking about it...

I'm looking for assistance in convincing myslef to move forward with another impulse buy.

1. found out that I don't really need those huge 36Mpx. processing those huge files can also be somewhat slow if I have several programs opened on my imac ( which I normally do )

Oh dear, last time I went on a bender I really went crazy. I mean the d800 is great and all but it would cost me $400 to upgrade my computer and well, that's $400 less I could be spending on a newer hotter camera.

2. I exclusively use primes ( both old manual AiS and the new Af-G ones )

I was told primes are good. After blowing my wad on a d800 I only had enough left over for cheap lenses that don't show what my camera can do which is win-win because I don't really know what I'm doing and don't want to feel like I"m the weak link.

3. hmm...for some reason I actually never learned to love d800e as I loved my d700 and felt comfortable with it. it is probably me and not the camera, but...

I can't figure out what the big deal is with the d800. I mean I don't see any increase in resolution and the files are huge!

4. normally shoot portraits ( both in studio and available light ones outside ), street and my kids in all situations. also landscape but not that much

By studio I mean living room, and street shooting means snapshots, pretty cool, eh?

5. do not print ultra huge

Picasa is awesome.

6. a few steps in ISO are welcomed

wtf this thing goes to 11 (thousand?!)

7. Df is smaller - I might have it more often with me then I have my D800e?

Let's see, the df is 143.5x110x66.5 mm while the d800 is146x123x81.5 mm. That's like a whole half inch smaller in one dimension. That frees up enough space in my bag for one diaper or a pack of gum. Which is awesome. The lame part is I'll need to use the same bag but whatever, it's like a whole half pound lighter.

8. really like the looks of Df

I really like the look of the df

Any thoughts to help me decide? Someone who has both to compare ( and yes I am sort of aware they different cameras for different purposes )

Tnx / Alex

Go for it!

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