Is a "high" shutter count on new Df normal?

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Re: Is a "high" shutter count on new Df normal?

Its probably that guy who ordered 30 cameras at B&H, tested them and returned 29. 

Tubed_Jazz wrote:


Just picked up my new Df and everything is great, except the shutter count.

Looking at a couple of initial test shots using ExifTool I was shocked to see there had already been 249 shots taken with the camera. I've had quite a few new Nikons in my time and the most I've ever seen was 6 on my new D700.

I queried the store, who contacted Nikon Australia, who then assured them (and me) that the camera:

  • was new,
  • never a demo or a return, and
  • that Nikon Japan are putting all Df cameras through a more vigorous testing after the D600 problems.

They thought 249 actuations was a bit high but all new Dfs would have about 100 to 150 shutter actuations when purchased new.

Can anyone with a new Df confirm this?

Thanks in advance,


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