Df instead of my D800E??

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Re: Df instead of my D800E??

#1 I find I no longer use the machine gun approach of my D2H days and spend more time composing.  Yes, it is a little slow, but eventually you will replace your Mac with something faster and the larger files will become less and less of a factor.

#2 The D800 can use those same lenses and focus just like the Df (manually or automatically).  So it is a wash on #2.

#4 would seem to favor the D800 for IQ.  The Df is a little smaller and lighter, but it not like comparing a brick to a pebble.  Played with the Df and my D800 at the store and I left wishing the Df was smaller than it was to help make my decision.

#6 is true, but I would miss the on-board flash.  I use it for those occasions that carrying an external flash is too much of a PITA and even though the Df is a low light brute it can't perform miracles in the dark.

#7 Maybe.  Clearly the newness will do that.

I was considering the Df as a secondcamera to my D800 and sell my D700 to help finance about half of it.  The D700 is a good camera, but the D800 is better, lighter, more dynamic range, and better low light performance than the D700.  Hell, maybe I should sell my D700 ad buy your D800e.

I use the D800 for personal and business use and I find the IQ excellent and for my business use I often find cropping an advantage that I would not get from the D700.

Your mileage may vary, but there is always a very strong urge in life to buy the latest - greatest thing on the block and I am starting to feel that urge may be the most significant thing the Df has to offer for me.  The Df really doesn't hit all my other buttons as well as I would like.  Just make sure that you are not dropping one bone for something that looks better, but may not be everything you had hoped.

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