OK, what do you think of -this- photo?

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Re: not a blizzard

skanter wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

skanter wrote:

jrkliny wrote:

Sam, You are obviously very interested and very knowledgeable. It seems a waste that you try to use a gear forum to have a discussion of some aesthetic aspects of photography. There are lots of places where you would find a community of photographers who are likewise knowledgeable and interested. Whether the moderators allow this sort of discussion on a gear forum is really not the issue.

Jim, I've been a member if thus community for 12 years, and have posted on many different topics about gear and about photography. I post on other photography forums as well. I post what I believe to be relevant; some may agree, some may disagree. There seem to be many who were interested in this thread, as there are more than 100 replies. As I said, there were many public and private thanks from those who found the thread relevant and meaningful. You may not care what moderators think, but they do make the rules, and they do not think, like me, that this forum should be limited to discussion of gear only.

jrkliny wrote:

I suspect you are just throwing out some bait so you can engage some suckers and demonstrate your superior knowledge or at least a superior and condescending attitude. There really does not seem to be a lot to be gained from attacking someone who does not like your photo. Nor does there seem to be much reason for this type of discussion on this forum. Post on a different forum where participants are interested and knowledgeable about the type of issues you profess to be important.

As I found your last post quite demeaning and disrespectful, I'd appreciate if you put me on your ignore list. That way you would not have to read my posts since you consider them inappropriate, and I would no longer have to deal with your attitude. Thanks.

For all your views Skanter, you are quite argumentative and opinionated aren't you? ;-0

No, actually I'm not. But I usually don't let people get away with BS, as you may have personally discovered.

Nor do I

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