And now for the remaining K-3 blur dragon to slay...

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Re: And now for the remaining K-3 blur dragon to slay...

Most cameras designed for action and sports shooting usually have a menu option in AF-C that gives it 2 distinct modes. One is shutter priority which in this case means the shutter will trip regardless of whether it has focus lock or not.  Two is focus priority in which the shutter will not trip unless it has focus lock. AF-C mode normally runs such that between frames it takes a quick look and tries to adjust focus on the fly based on predictive AF if motion is detected. And why are these 2 modes in here you ask? You would think that option 2 would be the one you would want. But not for a pro making a living with the camera in sports. He would use option 1 most of the time. Getting a slightly blurry shot is preferable to missing the shot altogether. No shot at all means no money while a slightly off focus shot means PP. You can still sell that. Especially in print media where max sharpness may not be needed. The frame rate maxxes out in Option 1 while Option 2 slows down depending on the AF speed of the camera. Really serious pro cameras can be fudged into Option 2 more of the time but it requires experience. Most DSLRs I own have this option in them, even Pentax. For those not as demanding in AF-C then Option 2 is the best bet even if some split moments pass you by waiting for focus lock.

I used to hear people whine on here about not being able to get their camera to fire when trying to shoot sports (Opt 2). A simple matter of deciding what is more important. You just have to put it in Option 1 then keep half pressing the shutter while following the action to keep the focus continually updating till you want to fire away. That way the focus is always at least close. Shooting with as much DOF as you can get away with also helps but some prefer shallow to isolate a single player/car/etc. in focus. Don't use auto-ISO either just set it to the highest you can get away with. Putting all these features in auto modes slow the camera's CPU down with things it does not really need to be calculating.

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