The LF1 came today

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Re: The LF1 came today

I got mine a few days ago & have been working through the settings & how best to use it. I appreciate all those that have contributed previously to help me make up my mind. I also ordered the Flipbac grip which I might not have known about other than from this group. I do find the LF1 to be a bit tough to grip out of some pockets, so the Flipbac might help. Almost anything raised could help grab it.
Have you been able to confirm if your LF1 or SD card allows for a full Burst mode of 10, 40 or 60 shots? Mine only displays 2 as an option with a SanDisk Ultra 30 MB/sec SDHD card?

Exposures in various lighting seem to be very good in auto modes. I was out shooting in the snow today & while aperture priority did under expose a little an mostly white scene, it wasn't too bad. Adding +2/3's helped, but I think a bit more would have been better. But with more trees in the shots, the exposures were very good as in the example here.

I like that the EVF has a memory, so it doesn't always default to the LCD view when powering on, but at times of just reviewing, then of course the LCD view isn't ready. Can't have it both ways I guess. The EVF to me is fine & with lots of info displayed that can be changed into 4? views.

It has a few quriks and I'm glad that I bought it on sale as I don't know if the image quality warrants full price. But it is a very nicely featured P&S.

I'm disappointed with the Panorama mode as it keeps telling me to pan faster and it seems to only want to do really long pans as sometimes I press on the shutter button to stop it when I want it to stop and then it gives me an error. I'd rather be able to pick how many images I want stitched vs. continuous panning. Also in low light, having to pan quickly gave me unsharp results. However, in bright conditions it should work better and I also appreciate the vertical sidways panning mode which in effect creates a wider angle view. I hope that I can figure out the panning mode better to deliver higher quality images. The one thing with these engineers is that they have to balance gimmicks with real features and I wonder how often they shoot in lower light conditions when the light is more pleasing vs. high noon. A camera like the LF1 has enough features to be more than for just P&S auto amateurs.

I like the WiFi / Smartphone system as a remote control. It connects easily to my older Android phone. I haven't joined the Lumix club yet and so uploading anything. It is a bit disappointing that the USB connection isn't common. I don't seem to have another cable around that fits, so I may have to buy another from Panasonic just to keep in the vehicle for charging. I do like the in camera charging option for in vehicle charging.

What is also amazing to me is the Image Stabilization. This image of the white tail deer was shot at 1/15 of a second @ 100 ISO, and I had 2 of 4 that were extremely sharp. That I didn't expect.

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