The real reason mirrorless exists

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Re: as a "BUYER" the only reason is SIZE/PORTABILITY

007peter wrote:

There are many reasons for mirrorless to exist (cheaper to produce, out flank canon/nikon monopoly, etc...) but as a "BUYER" - the single most important criteria is SIZE & PORTABILITY. But once the Size + Price of mirrorless exceed that of a DSLR (GH3, EM1), then the plot is lost for me.

Yep. Smaller size and weight are the only true innovations that have made mirrorless viable up to this point. The other developments represent steady improvements in EVF, sensor technology, etc. For example, the E-M1 isn't innovative. Rather, it represents the result of engineers successfully tackling obvious shortcomings of the original m43 cameras and lenses.

However, as others have noted, continued technological improvements could result in most DSLRs becoming mirrorless cameras that are similar in size and function to DSLRs.

I don't understand incessant DSLR vs MIRRORLESS war in DPR; they're just tools.

I'm a DSLR fan, but a Mirrorless Shooter because I don't want to carried the extra weight. But here in DPR, you're forced to pick a camp.

There is nothing wrong with debating the relative merits of the two formats.  Unfortunately, too many people can't get past their emotional attachment to one format and feel the need to defend their preference by bashing the other side.

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