ultimate pocketable nightlife camera?

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I'm a long time lurker, first time poster (I actually know another contributor to your thread personally). I just got the E-PM2 over the weekend and borrowed my gf's 14mm F2.5 lens for some bar shots on Saturday night. Size wise, this combination is effectively no bigger than something like a Nikon A. Length and width are comparable, with the E-PM2 giving up a slight bit of depth with the 14mm lens. I'm coming from an Olympus XZ-1, and aside from the 1/4" extra depth in the lens, it's pretty much the same size. The Ricoh GR IIRC is slightly less deep, but otherwise dimensionally similar. If you can pocket one of these, you should be able to pocket the others. The limitation on the Panasonic GM1, I feel, would likely be depth of body + lens rather than length x width footprint. In that regard, the GM1 and the E-PM2 are fairly close. I wouldn't call any of these jeans pocketable, but suit jacket or purse should be easy, and you could fit a couple of them into a coat pocket...

Where the E-PM2 floors me however is low light. For non pixel-peeping purposes, ISO 1600 is very comparable to ISO 200. ISO 3200 loses a little saturation, but still makes good shots. ISO 6400 is web (facebook) only in my view, but my PP skills and tools (shooting RAW) are pretty mediocre, so ymmv. The IS also works wonders for posed shots - it may not be as good as the E-M5's 5-axis, but it's seemingly more useful than the IS in the XZ-1 before. A few of the shots from Saturday are 1/5-1/6 sec (posed, obviously), but the subjects are reasonably sharp even at that speed. Based on one night of playing with the camera, these are my thoughts on the 'limits' of this camera:

Comfortably take candids with a high hit rate: ISO 1600, 1/30 sec, F2.5

Good enough to print posed shots with a little PP: ISO 3200, 1/15 sec, F2.5

Desperate, but a good web-worthy shot: ISO 6400, 1/5 sec, F2.5

Coming from a camera with a great lens but pathetic low light sensor (XZ-1), I'm personally quite pleased.

Hope this helps!

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