OK, what do you think of -this- photo?

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Re: Capturing mood and feeling....

Dave Luttmann wrote:

skanter wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

I couldn't agree more Sam. In fact, I did a write up on the whole issue of realism, emotion, and feeling on my blog here. I did a series of photos using Wet Plate Collodion to actually move away from technical purity and venture into the who arena of mood, feeling and emotion.


Dave, terrific work with the wet plates. I love your sensibility. I wish more people here would understand that photography (and all art) is about feeling, and that technique is just a way to get there.

Also loved that you opened your blog with a quote from Bill Evans. I'm a jazz pianist as well, and Evans is one of my heroes.

Thanks Sam. Evans was a master of the trio. I have many of his LPs including some of the 45rpm master recordings. I would also agree that photography is about capturing a feeling.

I think a Kind Of Blue must be the most sold jazz album ever wasn't it? Piano is my favourite instrument. I play, though not to a great standard. I have recently sold my family Bechstein grand and bought a Yamaha Clavionova. It was a sad decision but we now have more space. And the Clavionova is a lot of fun!

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