Lets share A58 impressions on one thread..

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Re: Lets share A58 impressions on one thread..

Ricky85 wrote:

PhotoCycler wrote:

Ricky85 wrote:

A58 is an upgraded A37 but a replacement for A57 (excluding some sports features). I think more than 70% of photographers don't need a wireless remote and it seems to be a problem with you not for all. Most of users are happy with that modern dslr at that price...

If the only difference was those excluded sports features, I would be interested. Since I'm happy with the A57, it's going to take something more to get me to upgrade. And that's ok... it took me 7 years to upgrade from my KM 5D.

Well you can wait for next 7 years and its my guarantee that in between you will find your dream upgrade

Well, it's already been 1 year, so only 6 more to go. hehehehe

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