Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

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Re: Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

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Whatever, unless Sigma or another third party produce something it seems that there won't be any E-mount lenses filling this gap until at least 2015

Makes the Zeiss Touit 12mm f2.8 at $999 on a high-end APS-C E-mount body look ever more inviting... oh wait...

The publicly released FE roadmap shows a Zeiss UWA early 2014.


This is the roadmap, can you tell me which is the UW and what the other lenses are?


...Maybe I can...

...It may help those who can't read Japanese...

Best regards,

Thank you!

I hope the 'ultra-wide' zoom is a 20-35. This gives a very useful range, but isn't so ambitious that it requires either significant optical compromises or large body size

My guess is it will be a 16-35mm f4, probably with OSS. A 20-35mm would have been great, but I think many would be 'up in arms' if it was 'only' as wide as 20mm. Many are already saying they want 14 or even 12mm.

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