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Re: A Great Link to "all" M-mount Lenses


Thank you for the link.  While I have been at the Leica game for many many years there is always more to learn about them.  One of my best adaptations was adapting a Leica 135mm f/4.5 Hektor lens head to my Canon D30 digital camera some years back.  It required the Hektor removable lens head, some Visoflex stuff and a Leica R lens to Canon converter.  Attached is a photo I took several years back with that lash up. LOL!

What I didn't capture was actually more interesting than what I did capture.  The young girl and her dad were at the park with a loaf of bread.  Geese were in abundance, dad and little girl came specifically to feed the geese and ducks, a favorite past time of many folks who visit Ann Morrison Park.  Only thing is, the large geese can get very aggressive when it comes to food and being fed.  The geese were a more than half the hight of the little girl.  They swarmed her and scared the poor little lady terribly.  Seconds after this shot was taken she threw the bread in the air and ran to her daddy's arms for protection crying as she reached his safety.  I wish I could have captured the sequence but it happened so fast and trying to manual focus the old Leica lens on the D30 just didn't cut it.  Still, I really like the image and how the 1939 Hektor 135 renders it.  The shot was wide open on the 135 Hektor i.e., f/4.5.


Girl feeding geese in a Boise park.

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