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Re: To upgrade forever?

Thank you for the financial report. I have to point out however that the term "interchangeable lens" as used by financial analysts is not literally the lens, but rather the short form of "interchangeable lens market segment" which includes camera bodies, lenses, flash units, etc. There is great interest among the Canon community looking at the A7R with great excitement, and that, along with other factors, it is no surprise Canon camera bodies are not selling very well. I am merely proposing that lens sales would continue to stand on solid footing, the profit margin is high for lenses, and the lens business is more than enough to keep the company profitable in addition to building up a customer base which Canon may be able to claim back in the future.

I wrote my post because there was a general negative tone as if Canon had lost its competitive edge or even its long-term viability as a camera system, which I disagree. EOS M was a failure and A7R was a great success, but a war was not lost with just one or two battles. In the financial report that you cite, Canon was still making a profit despite the series of flops that other posters on these forums alleged, after all.

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