Suggest 2 primes for landscape/scenics.

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Re: Suggest 2 primes for landscape/scenics.

Depends a lot on your style of shooting. For the TS lens you need a tripod and the patience to play with them. The main use of the TS is architecture it alows for perspective correction. Another use is in landscapes to allow more depth of field. Of course they can be used artistically to obtain a very narrow line of focus, miniature effect, etc. But maybe you can rent or borrow one to see if you like to play with them.

The Rokinon 14mm, 24mm and 35mm lens are great. They are now putting on the market a new 10mm lens for crop bodies that will be probably just as sharp. But you need to figure out if you like manual focus. This is pretty easy as any lens you have can be set on manual focus. Put your 18-55 on 18mm and manual focus and leave it there for a whole day of shooting. See how you like it. Manual focus is easier to use on wide lenses and also should not be a problem for lanscapes where you normally shoot f9-11.

The 18-55mm is a pretty decent lens to start with. There are better zooms as others have said: the 10-22 mm or the 15-85 mm which is a more al purpose lens. For this you have more convenience but of course they will not be as sharp as a prime.

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