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jrkliny wrote:

skanter wrote:

..Yes, my original thread was the Saul Leiter pic. The variety of responses was so interesting and revealing that I decided to extend the experiment with one of my own pics, one that was somewhat abstract and might provide more varied responses - which it did. The idea of these threads were not about CC, but trying to understand the nature of the aesthetics of photography in general.

Even after this explanation, it is difficult to understand your reasoning for these posts. After all this is a forum for discussing Canon xD and xxD cameras. This is a gear forum not a general photography forum. There are better forums for this type of discussion even on DPReview. DPR may not be the best place for any aesthetic discussions but it would not be within bounds for me to mention more suitable forums. You can send me a private message if you want some recommendations.

This has been adressed many times in the past, and even explained by moderators. While a gear forum, the forum is about taking PHOTOS with the gear, not just discussing technical aspects, and discussing photos and photography in general is totally appropriate here. In fact, discussing gear ad nauseum with no context is both boring and unproductive.

I suspect you are just throwing out some bait so you can engage some suckers and demonstrate your superior knowledge or at least a superior and condescending attitude. There really does not seem to be a lot to be gained from attacking someone who does not like your photo. Nor does there seem to be much reason for this type of discussion on this forum. Post on a different forum where participants are interested and knowledgeable about the type of issues you profess to be important.

I resent your implication, and think it is unjustified and condescending. To the contrary, the response to the two threads was thread was quite positive, and many thanked me personally publicly and privately for broadening the discussion here into something besides the same discussions about measurbating and pixel-peeping. If you think my threads were inappropriate, i suggest you complain to the moderators.

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