The best DX camera in the world

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Re: The best DX camera in the world

It seems to me that Nikon has already built the best DX camera in the world....and so has everybody else. The test reports you see here at dpreview show only minor differences in cameras regardless of specification or manufacturer.

Further, (if you are old enough) look back at your 35mm transparencies, and try applying the same level of critique to them. With grain and all, it is actually startling how bad those slides are in comparison!

Then compare the price/performance of a film based Nikon back then to the price/performance today compared to your take home pay. The D5200 is a steal, and comes with a zoom lens that the film cameras didn't even consider.

We have never had it so good.

Now everybody has bought one, each with probably twice the number of megapixels they really need, the manufacturers are trying to eke out a cash flow with incremental changes.

Reminds me of the CD player market of a couple of decades ago. Every manufacturer had a product line ranging to the $1000s of dollars for the right D/A converter. Now, you can't find them anymore, and when you do there is no product differentiation

What they need is something new to sell, but no one apart from Sony is taking a real stab at changing the market in the way that Sony itself did with the Walkman those many years ago...

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