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Re: To upgrade forever?

cyberstudio wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I gave up on Canon dslr a bit earlier at the 5D. I am not endlessly going to replace reliably working cameras with something much the same but only better over and over again. There is a certain finacial pain in doing that.

However my wait for the Canon FF pro-level EVIL type camera has been unrewarded.

Canon are in a cleft stick. Should they make the all singing, all dancing pro level EVIL type they would need to make a good one indeed and in the process they would be telling all their loyal dslr churners that they were making a mistake and that the dslr as a type was finished. A sort of shoot yourself in the foot syndrome. On the other hand the longer that they delay doing this the more chance that someone like Sony will outgun them with a good FF EVIL type camera.

Disclaimer: here is my personal opinion and does not represent the opinion of any company which I am affliated with. All my official hats off.

I think Canon, as a business, is perfectly fine. The only thing it is losing in the battle as of today is bragging rights. Granted, as a Japanese company losing bragging rights is sometimes less acceptable than operating at a loss. But financially there is no problem, long term or short term.

I beg to differ. Have you read your company's latest financial report? Here is a link from Reuters:

And Nikon, a bit worse maybe?

Lens making is probably more profitable than camera bodies, and Canon has the most formidable lens line up and will continue to lead here in the foreseeable future. (Nikon advocates will say their lens line up is just as great, which I will happily grant.) Many A7R owners are Canon L lenses owners. Once Canon updates its full frame sensor technology, and come up with a blockbuster like it did with the 5D and 5D Mark II, the Canon lens base is already out there in the field, and deserters will flock back to Canon. It is irrelevant whether that hypothetical blockbuster would be a EVIL or a DSLR. It just needs to beat everything else in terms of IQ, be priced reasonably and people will buy (like the 5D and 5D2 back then). It is very easy to upgrade a camera body but considerably much harder to switch an arsenal of good lenses. So, I would argue, Canon is not a casualty of A7R, but a beneficiary. If Sony does not make advances in native full frame lenses rapidly enough, using the current window of opportunity, any gained ground would be handed over back to Canon down the road. However, even if that came to pass Sony would have nothing to worry. All it would need to do would be to one-up sensor technology again and sell that sensor to Nikon.

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