Metabones wide open button??

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Re: Metabones wide open button??

digitalhecht wrote:

Any chance you can list which EF lenses you are using (successfully) with the Metabones III? I just returned an A7 kit to best Buy today after buying it only hours earlier due to the fact that it had been opened, used, and all documentation was missing. (From Best Buy. Imagine that...) I did fire off a few test shots at 50mm and compared them to shots from my 6D with 50mm f/1.4 prime. And I must say the results were good, but not great. So I am tempted to forego the kit and just get the body with SEL35 and Metabones adapter for my current EF lenses. But the reviews of Metabones EF II adapter are mixed at present. Thanks for your time!


There is list of compatible lenses on the metabones site. So far I have only tested the 17-40, 24-105 (IS working), and the 40 pencake. I am pretty sure other Canon lenses I have would work as well.

A side note to everybody else who wants snappy AF on the A7/r, the only combo that got the fast af is the LA-EA4 with the factory A mount lenses. Too bad Sony will never make an adapter like that for Canon or Nikon lenses!

This is the problem for the A7/r.

- A mount lens, no IS!

-EF lenses + metabones, got the IS but slow AF!

- FE mount lenses with OSS, you need to wait for a while and no guaranteed they will make one just as you wanted

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