GM1 vs. Sony RX100 II, almost equal

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Re: Shows the potential of the 1"sensor

berni29 wrote:


For me the sensor in my EM5 and GM1 are good enough. I chose the GM1 over the RX100 because of the 24mm start on the kit lens and the fact that I can put lenses like the Oly 45mm f1.8 on it.

With the Oly 45mm f1.8 fitted the GM1 steps outside of what is possible with other cameras of this size.

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I have an EM5 and an RX100.  I bought a GM1 as well, with my options at this point being (1) return the GM1, (2) keep the GM1 and sell/trade in the RX100, (3) keep the GM1 and sell/trade in the EM5, (4) keep all three cameras.

I decided to go with Option (4).  Although I'm a great admirer of the RX100 (I'm one of those who felt it should have been given a Gold award by DPR), I think the performance of the GM1 is at a distinctly higher level--and that's with the 12-32, never mind top level primes like the 45 mm f/1.8.  For practical purposes, the IQ of the GM1 is virtually identical to that of the EM5.  The EM5 still offers some advantages (EVF, folding LCD, 5-way IBIS, flash shoe), but the GM1 has its own advantages, including the silent mode, freedom from shutter shock, and, of course, the size.  I may end up selling the RX100, but it's the only one of these cameras that offers true short-pocketability, and it IS a very good camera--just not as good as the GM1.


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