Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

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Re: Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

japa wrote:

So you think that only a troll could be searching for a wide angle lens that doesn't compromise the light weight and great sensor of the A7R and only a troll wouldn't be comfortable waiting for a proposed future lens of unknown quality and cost?

On a productive note are you suggesting that the Minolta and Sigma lenses, with adaptors, will provide the light weight and the great glass across the frame that the A7R deserves?

Yes. I think that you know the answer to this very specific question and are only posing it to point out what you consider a flaw in this particular system. There will be a Zeiss zoom UWA in a couple months, that is actually pretty fast for a new system.

In the mean time the native E-Mount Samyang is about as uncompromising as they will come and hold up well to the Nikon 14-24mm on the D800e, so I don't see how it would be any different on the A7R.

And yes, I think a couple hundred gram lens on the A7 is perfectly within the size and weight of the system. Going over 500g is probably starting to stretch things a bit, certainly won't be using any of the big SLR f2.8 zooms on mine, but a Samyang (at a stretch) or Sony 20mm f2.8 will do me nicely until the Zeiss arrives. The Minolta 20mm is exactly the same as the current Sony one as well and is one of the better 20mm primes from the big three.

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