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Re: No mirror-up mode on A7R...

DavieK wrote:

The only way I can do a valid comparison is by using the NEX-5n with electronic first curtain, compared to the A7R with mechanical, and use the APS-C crop, together with 10-18mm, 18-55mm and 18-200mm Tamron lenses.

There is a possibility that the Sony 35mm, 28-75mm, 55mm etc behave differently to these OSS lenses and others have noted that OSS is actually disabled with some lens types on the A7R, so any test with the 10-18 and 18-200 (which definitely have OSS operating) is not going to help with the other lenses, none of which I can afford.

I've just done another small test following a flash of inspiration - when the camera is set to Speed Priority continuous, it's either using an electronic first curtain for all the frames after Frame 1, or a very different shutter cycle. Sure enough, just on an ad hoc test using the 18-200mm at 200mm and speeds around 1/60th, regular single frames or standard continuous show a double image much of the time, a clear 'jerk' creating not a camera shake blur but a distinct doubling. And frames taken using Speed Priority, with its very different shutter behaviour, don't have this.

I may have time to investigate further, and try to see exactly how the shutter behaviour changes. If it is as I suspect actually implementing an electronic first curtain, the next question is why this is not an option for regular shooting. I've tried the different bracket and multi-shot modes and the only continuous mode which appears to miss the double shutter action is Speed Priority.


I don't think it is using an EFCS on continuous shooting, I think it just doesn't have to close the shutter an extra time, something like:

The sensor doesn't have an EFCS, so having a slight delay before the shutter opens, but after it closes 'could' be a potential 'cure' I guess.

My guess is instead of going:

Shutter press - shutter close - shutter open - exposure - shutter close - shutter open return to LV

This might be happening on say a three shot burst:

Shutter press - shutter close - shutter open - exposure - shutter close - pause - shutter open - exposure - shutter close - pause - shutter open - exposure - shutter close - shutter open return to LV

Having that slight pause between may well be enough of a cure, it worked for many Olympus users with this problem, by applying a small delay to the beginning of each exposure, it isn't much but made a difference.

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