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Started Dec 8, 2013 | Polls thread
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Historicity Senior Member • Posts: 1,294
Do 4/3 DSLR users want their own forum?

Do 4/3 users want their own forum or are they happy to have micro-4/3 users participate in the 4/3 forum as well as their own micro 4/3 forum?

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If you are a 4/3 user who doesn't intend to get a micro-4/3 camera in the foreseeable future, do you want your own forum?
33.3% 13  votes
Do you want your 4/3 forum to exclude micro 4/3 discussions that do not relate to 4/3 cameras or their lenses?
43.6% 17  votes
Do you mind if micro 4/3 users come to the 4/3 forum urging 4/3 users to buy micro 4/3 cameras and lenses?
23.1% 9  votes
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