Olympus Wireless Flash - Setup - Seems to make pictures underexposed

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Re: Olympus Wireless Flash - Setup - Seems to make pictures underexposed

I have an E-PL5 with the little flash unit as well as an FL-36. I am going on a trip where most photography will be social pics, mostly in dimly lit rooms, so I just tried a few things. Here are my nonscientific conclusions:

- to use the FL-36 as a slave, placement of the FL-36 in the room is critical. I cannot explain this, but found that location in the middle of the room seems to work best. If the FL-36 is in the 'wrong' location, pretty dramatic underexposure ensues, even in a room that is not so large that the flash's power or reach is exceeded.

- I compared the little flash unit to the FL-36, both mounted directly to the camera, and noticed surprisingly little difference between the two set-ups, including in overall lighting and ISO chosen when in iAuto (I know, shame on me for using iAuto, but I really like having my camera lay around and everyone able to use it so we get the best overall impression of the event. Setting the camera to P made no discernible difference.

- The FL-36 settings are important when it's used as a slave, but somewhat unpredictably so. Depending on the environment, one setting may work better than another so it's important to test in the proper environment.

- I do not need to set any compensation settings in most flash situations described above.

With these findings, the FL-36 will stay home and the little flash guy will stay permanently attached to the camera. YMMV.


Guy Parsons wrote:

Bryannagirl wrote:

Ok, I have an Olympus E-PL5 and a FL-36r flash. When I use it in PASM modes the result is always very underexposed. I have it in TTL mode, even changing flash exposure comp makes no difference - when I try SCN or Art exposure is fine (not really sure if wireless is working in those or not) but pictures look ok.

My guess is I am not setting it up right. Anyone else had this problem and got it resolved? I used off camera wireless on my sony SLT and it worked great - so far not so good with Olympus.

One other note if I use manual mode I can get exposure correct - but neither TTL or auto work right.

Help please.

With my E-PL5 (and E-P3 and E-PL1) I have set a "permanent" plus 1.3 flash compensation via the SCP and that works fine for me with any of FL-LM1, FL-300R, FL-36R, FL-50 attached and working as TTL. That is a sensible compromise setting that suits most TTL shots for me.

Testing yesterday with FL-36R on the E-PL5 on camera with everything set back to default settings there was a huge difference between flash auto mode and flash TTL mode where auto gave correct exposure and TTL badly underexposed. I didn't do the same test as a wireless remote to see if slave TTL us still as bad, maybe late today as going out now for maybe 8 or so hours.

Also make sure that you are not running into flash range problems, so run the same tests with a very high ISO set to see if the default ISO 200 is just too darn low. I use ISO 400 as default to help with the flash range. Usually f/5.6 as well as a good general purpose aperture for kit lenses and flash.

Regards.... Guy

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