GM1 vs. Sony RX100 II, almost equal

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Re: GM1 vs. Sony RX100 II, almost equal

Robert Deutsch wrote:

The Imaging Resource findings differ somewhat from DxO's. Comparing the GM1 with the RX100II at ISO1600, they say "this is where the 1-inch-type sensor of the RX100 II starts to lose ground. It beats most other non-ILC compacts currently on the market, but can't keep pace with the GM1's much larger sensor as ISO rises."

About the GX7 vs. GM1 differences: given that according to Panasonic these cameras have the same--not just similar--sensor and associated circuitry, I wonder if we're just looking at sample variation, in that two samples of either camera might show differences of this magnitude. In all of the Imaging Resources comparisons, at all ISOs tested, they describe the performance of these cameras as "virtually identical."


Sample variation is a good explanation, as would sloppy testing. If it's not either of those, though, the only other explanation I can think of would be that the electronic shutter increases noise and reduces dynamic range to some degree.

It'd be interesting to see a test to see whether using the regular shutter or the electronic shutter makes a difference. I doubt it, but it's possible.

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