Embossing tape to black out logos. Better than gaffer tape.

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Hey guys,

I've found a really great alternative to gaffer tape for covering logo. Dymo embossing tape!

I picked some up at the local hardware store and it looks great on the camera. Much better than my gaffer tape job. The finish is smooth and the tape is hard plastic. Also it's not supposed to leave any residue when peeled off. (I tried this and it's ok)

What is wrong with logos?

I try never to buy anything with logos - I am not a company shill nor a walking advertisement. I am interested in a good product and that fact comes regardless of what name brand is attached to it - if you insist on plastering your logo all over me, trying to make me state to the world "I have _______, I pay the price asked and therefore I know quality and value!"...I'm just not interested. Usually the louder you yell, the less you have to say, and apparently I'm paying too much for that logo you plastered on.

Wow, i bet you're fun at parties!

Everyone who hangs out on photography forums is fun at parties.  It goes without saying.

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