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Runnicle wrote:

Tom, my personal thanks to you for contributing your experience and expertise to the benefit of this thread. Yes, two LC-2 caps will probably be required to avoid switching the one I have now btw s10 and p10. And, I do also have an extra GXR body on my wish list, too, just not at the top of the list at this moment. Focus peaking Mode 2 has been hard for me to accept, and I still prefer Mode 1, but I'll keep trying Mode 2 before just dropping it. Finally, I also appreciate your suggestions for setting up Fn1 and Fn2.

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The advantage of Mode 2 focus peaking is that it is not focus peaking at all but some form of edge enhancement.  Therefore it works just as well when highly magnified and does not disappear.  Therfore it can give razor sharp focusing.  Also it works over 100% of the screen and objects are shown softer but in discernable shapes even when not focused.  But the true joy is when you realise that you can see the "pattern" sharpen so distinctly when in focus.  This demand a different technique to regular photography.  You become more interested in sharp outlines than in perception of focus and "pretty images".  Therefore Mode 2 can be very quick.  See your subject, make the outlines sharp wiht a quick twist of the focus ring and click.  Arguably getting close to AF.   For difficult focus subjects must be quicker and more assured than AF.

Also bearing in mind that if colour and the image to be captured are important in the composition process then the soft shutter press toggle will give the about to be captured "true image" and release of the button return the toggle to the focus magnified mode that you just left.

Compare this to the Sony Focus Peaking system.  At normal screen the focus peaking is so strong that the supposedly in-focus areas run together as a form of a veyr vague "ink blot" but on screen magnification the "peaks" start to disappear.  By second level (the highest) usually the peaks have gone and you are relying on eye-only focus.  The Sony screen are pretty good and this is not "the end" but it does make a mockery of so-called "Focus Peaking Assist".  Only the first level magnification has any chance of giving real accuracy by peaking on a Sony.

Not that Mode 2 does not give ink-blots on the Ricoh (nor does the Mode 1 which tends to give a fairly intense shimmer instead.  But some magnification is recommended for best precision.  I recommend and use 4x except on objects that require the most precise focus that can be achieved.

I noted that Mode 2 was initially "a shock" to me also but now I have my GXR camera defaulting to start in Mode 2 and more often than not I don't bother to cancel it when composing images.  I see the process of getting good focus with MF lenses as my prime objective.   With practice Mode 2 can be really fast for MF.

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