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Re: Yes, I can imagine it.

BartyLobethal wrote:

AWG_Pics wrote:

It is a perfect mashup of a greek tragedy and slapstick humor. Could you just imagine this being played out on a stage in front of a live audience!! Just brilliant!!

Unfortunately, I imagined that the audience was composed entirely of dpreview members.

50% of them thought they were witnessing an actual customer attempting to return 29 cameras to a real store and became indignant and outraged.

The remaining 50% understood it was a knockabout parody from the start and began laughing. Then their laughter turned to exasperation as they tried to explain the joke to the 50% who didn't 'get' it.

All too quickly, the audience's attention was diverted entirely from the stage. All began shouting at each other. Small pockets of fist-fighting broke out. One or two began 'speaking in tongues' and declaiming fantastical visions.

Dismayed and sorrowful, the actors quietly left the stage.

The Theatre re-branded itself as a drop-in centre for the monomaniacal with a strict 'no humour' policy. It chose not to offer refreshments, but it did open a booth where you could buy trinkets and t-shirts that said "No Joke!"

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And we've even had a little religion, deftly is trounced by Leif. This thread has it all. Extinction may be the only way forward.

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