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To upgrade forever?

digitalhecht wrote:

Thanks for your response, ZzzooM3. (Validation!) AF speed isn't a big factor with me. (THough I will be curious to see what the initial reviews of the yet to be released FE lenses for the Alphas.) Oddly, my reluctance to sell off my L lenses is due to the fact that I suspect that Canon (and maybe Nikon) MAY bite the bullet at some point and introduce their own FF compact. I know at first thought one would be tempted to dismiss this idea that neither would risk cannibalizing their SLR marketshare. But you just never know when it comes to technology.

I gave up on Canon dslr a bit earlier at the 5D.  I am not endlessly going to replace reliably working cameras with something much the same but only better over and over again.  There is a certain finacial pain in doing that.

However my wait for the Canon FF pro-level EVIL type camera has been unrewarded.

Canon are in a cleft stick.  Should they make the all singing, all dancing pro level EVIL type they would need to make a good one indeed and in the process they would be telling all their loyal dslr churners that they were making a mistake and that the dslr as a type was finished.  A sort of shoot yourself in the foot syndrome.  On the other hand the longer that they delay doing this the more chance that someone like Sony will outgun them with a good FF EVIL type camera.

Therefore they do two things - watch how well their dslr products are selling and bring in creeping change.  The creeping change has gone through "Live View" to flip out lcd to phase detect on sensor.  Each brought in without fanfare but preparing for the big omission of the mirror based ovf.  But how much should their loyal acolytes suffer? A big hit for an upgrade every so often, an upgrade that just refines what they already have?

I am keeping my Canon EF lenses - cost me enough, still work well.  I can "play EVIL-types" firstly with the NEX6 plus electronic adapter and if the mood strikes me an A7 type.

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