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Re: Ed: much tighter machining specs of Conurus/MB adapters

jpr2 wrote:

digitalhecht wrote:

Thanks, jpr2! Here is the link at B&H:

I'd be curious to know your thoughts on the bad reviews. Thanks again.

I guess you must mean some reported problems in mounting EF lenses on these adapters? If yes, then explanation is rather simple - for some reason MB decided to prioritize video-shooting use, and they pose that in order to achieve this they were asked by videographers to tighten the EF-mount side so there will be virtually zero-slack (don't ask me why, as I'm completely uninterested in videos and lack any knowledge there). It was commented earlier, and there were even direct responses on this forum from Conurus' founder and main person behind this exciting software crack, Bo Ming from Vancouver (perhaps if you'll use DPR's search function you'd be able to find those posts). The immediate solution is to flatten a bit three springy blades inside the EF side of the adapter, that is if you have nimble fingers and some gumption to DIY, otherwise your seller's staff should be able to handle this with ease.

"to tighten the EF-mount side so there will be virtually zero-slack"

Got my 'Bones III two days ago.  Use it with my NEX-7 and EF 85/1.2L II today.  It's "quite" tight.  But it's fine for me.


PS no, I don't think selling your L glass in EF would be a prudent decision, just look how much these lenses have gained in prices in recent months - and sooner or later you'd like to repurchase them all (at an almost certain loss ). The arrival of A7/A7s can only exacerbate this process as there are suddenly rather few more buyers on a lookout for lenses matching the resolution of the new FF sensors .

I agree with you 110% on L's.  5D II is the last camera I bought three years ago.  Now I can use my Leica M's for travel and light weight.  But I can also use my EF F/1.2 and F/1.4 L's for indoor video, and AF with my three F/2.8 zooms when I feel "relax", aka lazy.

Now, the big problem is: Where is my A7R?

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