OK, what do you think of -this- photo?

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Re: Conclusions

Let me sum up myself on the Instagram (and so on) matter in this way : I do appreciate the whole process of "hunting" for good image (the setting , time , light ...) and I really do prefer the photo to be "natural" , as less as possible of PP , more over I believe I myself can easily tell the (at least with 100% zoom) the filter processed image from the one taken "naturally" .

But , Instagram (and apps like it for smartphones) , DXO film , Nik software and couple more quality progs for RAW , can do really good and convincing B&W (or any film for that matter ) conversion results . Actually , even working in LR can bring some substantial visual change to your image .

I still stand by my point , that with (no so latest already) software , most of conditions can be cloned .

As for this photo as image , if not the shaky (hand held) bus (or what ever it is there) lights , it would be good enough . As it is now , and reading of how much you invested in taking this image ... for night shot , I would've bring tripod .

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