Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

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Re: Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

brudy wrote:

Looks like the cv21/1.8 and the pancake 21/f4 both seem to do well. I don't have either, but I'm considering both. The 1.8 seems to have more contrast but the f4 is smaller (obviously) and much cheaper ($1100 vs $400). I'm not sure either of these are uncompromising, but results look good online.

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I'm on the same quest - for a wide landscape lens for my A7R. I've been trawling all the web tests (and you can see my own A7R set on Flickr here: A7R test shot set )

I picked up a used Voigtlander 21 f/4 color skopar yesterday in a trade in. It has significant vignetting and colour shift on the left and right edges on the A7R.

I'm experimenting with the Lightroom flat field plugin to eliminate this which on first try seems to fix vignetting and colour, but I need to try it on more sample shots as I've only just installed it.

It's also quite soft at the corners even at f/8. It's a beautifully small, light lens though. If cropping to 4x5 as I usually do for any portrait landscapes it will be super.

I've got a Leica Lemarit-R 24mm which is bigger, and requires a much thicker adapter than the M lenses, but produces very good images indeed with no colour shift. Even though bigger than the M lenses, it's still smaller than my Canon 24 1.4 L lens by some way.

I tried the Zeiss 2.8/25 which had quite a lot of colour shift at the edges, and was not as sharp at the edges at f/8 as the Elmarit-R

Great if you can afford a WATE. The shots from the Voigtlander 21 1.8 look OK albeit with colour shift (not as bad as the f/4 version) but again it's a bigger lens.

The Canon 20mm FD 2.8 looks like a good one as well, but obviously needs an adapter, but is relatively cheap and doesn't seem to show colour shifting etc. I'm on the lookout for one of those.

So for the time being I'll probably use the Elmarit-R for serious landscaping, and the Voigtlander 21 for cityscapes and suchlike that will probably end up as monochromes.

I think the answer will be a small, wide, dedicated prime from Sony/Zeiss, probably at f/4 which obviously will be fine for landscaping.

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