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Re: Vic... here's the truth

Marty4650 wrote:

All of the people who replied to OP with outrage simply didn't realize that the OP was doing a satire of another thread. In fact, this one .

And there are only a few possible explanations for this:

  • Either these folks have no sense of humor
  • Or they do, but they are very dense
  • Or satire just doesn't translate well from English to other languages

I'd bet on the third, since this is an international website with lots of users for whom English is not their native tongue. And even though they can read and write English remarkably well (in fact, in some cases much better than native English speakers) they still don't get the joke when sarcasm is used.

Hey, what kind of generalization is this?

There are also people here in Europe (Swedes mainly) who laugh three times when someone jokes.

When told, when explained and finally when understood.

My guess is public schools in Europe and Asia do not waste any effort teaching sarcasm, because they are too busy teaching math, literature, science and history. This could explain why we Americans excel at sarcasm, but struggle with literature, history, and in many cases science and math.

Are you saying that in America, they are teaching sarcasm?

We should be ashamed of ourselves!

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