Does the E-M1 have Low light issues ?

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Re: Does the E-M1 have Low light issues ?

UnderDriven wrote:

Olymore wrote:

There is no obvious pattern to the noise suggesting it relates to the PDAF pixels/locations.

On-sensor PDAF is another difference between the M1 and the M5. Do sensors with PDAF (1) replace specific image pixels with the PDAF sensors, or (2) do they reduce the size of the all the image pixels (slightly) to make space for the PDAF sensors? If it's #1, how do they recover the image information where the missing pixels are?

Another possibility is that the sensor manufacturing process had to be modified to allow for the PDAF sensors--if they cannot be fabricated using the same process used to fabricate the M5 sensor...

The most likely explanation I've seen is something to do with the circuitry and heat generation.

Perhaps the PDAF sensors require a significant amount of circuitry on the chip, which--in addition to the optical real estate needed by the PDAF sensors--may have required a slight reduction in the size of the imaging pixels...

The other difference is the elimination of the AA filter, but I don't see how that could have any bearing on long-exposure noise...

Unless you do long exposures with noise reduction turned off it doesn't appear to be an issue so most people will be unaffected.

I realize it isn't a big issue for most users, but I'm still curious as to why the M1 is worse in this one area...

I find that curious. It could be sample variation, but on the other hand, it is very consistent : a similar pattern appears for all lenses.

Look here for the links to the DXO TEST results : (E-M1) (E-M5)

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