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Jay... and there are only two ways to do this

jayrandomer wrote:

It's also totally within the stores rights to either refuse someone sales if they abuse a given policy or simply terminate policies that have been abused. As someone who tries not to abuse the generosity of retailers, I think the former is the better course of action. Those who don't can feel free to patronize the stores that would rather punish everyone.

If a store's generous return policy is being abused by any individual, then the store only has two remedies....

1. Sanction the abuser. They can refuse to sell to any individual with a history of abusing their rules, or they can limit the abuser's return privileges or impose restocking fees on those customers. Or, as an alternative they could......

2. Punish everyone. They can institute a global change to their return policy, whereby all customers, abusers and non-abusers alike are now subject to much stricter rules.

The second option is the easy way out, because it cuts down on decision making and appears to be "fair" since everyone gets treated the same way. There is no distinction between good customers and bad ones. Everyone has the same rules. This is what Costco did when they changed their return policy for everyone because a few people were abusing it.

To their credit, B&H has chosen the first method. They do it the hard way, by identifying their problem customers, then putting a return restriction on them. And even then, they rarely and reluctantly use it.

Then, whenever one of these "buy and try" guys gets a warning from B&H, they come here whining about it , and expect everyone to agree with them. 100% of the time, the honest customers don't, and applaud B&H for doing whatever is needed to keep prices lower for the rest of us.

The smart customers know that they will benefit by keeping a dealer who treats customers fairly and who sells at discount prices in business, and not by finding ways to drive up their costs by taking advantage of very generous return privileges.

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