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Runnicle wrote:

So, I guess that one is out of luck if one wants a lens HOOD for either s10 or p10 zooms. Of course there's always the option of shading the lens with a spare hand. Certainly the small size of the two mini-zooms lends itself to shooting one handed and thus leaving the opposing hand free to act as a temporary hood.

My s10 came today all the way from Japan in less than a week. Now I have both s10 and p10 to try against the epl2 zooms (both Oly and Pana) at various equivalent FL's. I really love the appearance, size, ease of use, and general responsiveness of these two mini-zooms, as well as liking their surprisingly small prices (about $100 each). Luckily, the auto-open lens cap I have on order was the LC-2, and thus will work fine with these two mini-zooms.

(Grin) you will probably find that you need two self opening lens caps.

The S10 and P10 were greeted with some disappointment when new.  I think there was some expectation that they might be supercharged.  But as the sensor matches the lens capability they work reasonably well and should be thought of as compact travel zooms.

Try using the focus peaking with AF which Ricoh does allow.  Both modes to see which you like best.  You will soon see that areas in focus anywhere in the screen are shown - a sort of super multi-point focus indicator.  Try playing with the aperture and focusing on different points, you will soon see that you can get a visual dof indication. I, like many, prefer Mode2 which after the initial shock soon seems like the only way to frame and focus from.  A common setting for the GXR is Fn1 = screen magnification toggle; Fn2 = focus peaking toggle.  Soft press of the shutter and release toggles the current magnificatin/focus-peaking setting and normal composiotion view - perfect, especially for manual focus.

The other side benefit is that the P10 and S10 inherit all the goodies that the GXR camera back shares with all modules.

If anyone has more than one camera back it is also quite simple to synchronise all mode setup data so that your cameras can work exactly the same.

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