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Re: GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

AscherJim wrote:

Based upon my reading of the predecessor thread, I am thinking of purchasing the SK Xenon 50 f/1.9 lens for use with the M-Mount on my GXR. Rather than going through the DKL to M42 to M-Mount route, I am thinking of instead using the Nikon to M-Mount adapter I already possess, by purchasing only a DKL to Nikon adapter (available from Fotodiox), which adapter would presumably then attach to my Nikon to M-Mount adapter. Can anyone confirm whether this alternative method would work? Thanks. Jim Ascher

I use the Yeenon DKL to M42 adapter then M42 to LM works fine.  The only problem might be if either adapter has any slack.  In my case there is none.

I am not aware of other DKL adapters, the Yeenon adapter is simply a work of art and suitably expensive.  There are cheaper DKL adapters on eBay and I have no experience to know how well they work  the Yeenon is made of precisely the same materials as SK used for their lenses and as a result when mounted it looks and acts like a part of the lens itself.

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