Test of D600 from Cameta

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Re: Test of D600 from Cameta

Alpha Tech wrote:

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Alpha Tech wrote:

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Leif Goodwin wrote:

Get yourself a (clean) brush, and dust if off yourself. Fingers crossed it is dust, or small particles, not oil.

I recommend waiting until the OP has a confirmation that is not an oil spot in the posted image. If oil is on the sensor, a brush could make the issue worse and lead to sensor damage with scratches.

Yet more FUD.

I have one of the expensive, battery operated Visible Dust brushes which I stopped using on Nikon cameras after the D300. There is too much risk of oil splatter with models from the D3 and onward. The oil can be transferred to the brush. There is no easy method of cleaning the brush after that occurs.

So whenever we see spots, we should send it it Nikon to see if it is oil, and if not, we can use a brush? The nonsense on this forum is sometimes unbelievable. A brush can be cleaned in pure solvent such as Eclipse. Or discarded. If a camera regularly produces oil spots, send it back.

Yes, the nonsense on this forum is incredible alright. Including posts like yours that infer one has to send the camera to Nikon for cleaning.

Then learn to express yourself more clearly.

Buy a good wet sensor cleaning kit and quit whining when helpful posts are made by others.

Your post was ill informed. If you cannot cope with people pointing out errors, don't post online.

Your post is nonsense. If you cannot handle other forum members pointing out your mistakes, then SHUT UP! You did nothing but complain, which is obviously the norm for you in these forums.

You seem very insecure given how angry and aggressive you are. Please read on up sensor cleaning.

You are very forgetful that YOU attacked me. That's where the insecurity began -- with YOU.

No, I did not attack you, I said that what you said was nonsense. I did not say that you are whining and I did not tell you to shut up. There is a difference between criticising a technical statement, and personal abuse.

A brush is NOT the proper tool to remove oil from a sensor.

That is true but that is is not what you said. I made a statement that your advice was nonsense. I use a blower, a brush and wet cleaning, when appropriate, and in that order for the simple reason that wet cleaning is the most time consuming and more likely to cause issues, although when done with care it is fine. A brush when used properly is not more likely to scratch the sensor. And any oil if present would be minuscule, and removable with Eclipse or other solvent.

Learn how to use a wet sensor cleaning kit.

I did that 10 years ago.

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