OK, what do you think of -this- photo?

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skanter wrote:

Limburger wrote:

skanter wrote:

Akpinxit wrote:

One should stick to Instagram and finger-smagged lens - "moody" images guarantied with every shot.

Try reading the entire thread and learn something. You were one of the posters I was referring to who wouldn't know a good photo if it bit you in the as*. This photo had no filters used - it was a dark night during a blizzard. Go back to Facebook and Instagram which seems to be your field of expertise - this is a forum for photographers.

Hi Sam,

The fun part is that many great pictures don't apply to the set of rules we're given.

This video was important to me (thanks to Craig (Guidenet)).

Mike, in any art forum rules and guidelines are for people who are beginning the journey of learning. After many years, one learns that it's time to break away and make one's own rules.

I think one should always break the rules. I studied photography from '71 to '74 and remember all sorts of things we did then to break the rules. One day we had an excercise which was to take over the viewfinder and shoot a roll like that. We did projects where everything was blurred etc. the whole first year was only black and white where we concentrated on the image. Photography is about seeing, and translating that to a piece of paper (now, lazily, just a screen) . Photography never ceases to inspire me.

It's pathetic that the poster above, after this long, informative and interesting thread, can only think of filters on Instagram. Go figure...

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Sam K., NYC

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