Smartphone does what DSLR cannot...

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Smartphone does what DSLR cannot...

Well all of them except the Canon 1Dc which costs $12,000. (I believe that the Nikon V1 will do this but it is not a dslr.

I purchased a 13mp Samsung Galaxy note 3. It has the ability to record 4k video. Only 5mins at a time but still.

Point is, DSLRs should be doing this. When smart phones have features like this one, or the ability to edit images in camera using photoshop touch, DSLRs need to keep up with the times or suffer from customers upgrading their phones instead of their DSLRs to get newer features.

Lets face it. For a lot of people, photography is a hobby and if you own a Nikon camera, Nikon isn't fighting Canon for your hard earned money. It is fighting, other hobbies, music, motorcycling, computers, new car, trips to far off lands, boating, fishing, hunting, even the fascination with a new phone. So DSLRs need to keep up with the times.

In the film days Nikon and Canon did not have competition from 110mm film or smaller formats. The smart phone IS cutting into dslr marketshare because at 13mp and 4k video, it is good enough for many people. They are so fast now days that they are only lacking different lenses and companies like sony and others are fixing this.

My point is not to say camera phones are better than a DSLR. I don't believe that for a second, my point is that camera manufactures like Canon, Nikon and Sony need to inovate, stop spoon feeding us features or only putting features on pro models, features that are already included on smart phones.

As smart phones become smarter, as DSLRs continue to spoon feed minor upgrades (Canon does this a lot) people will spend their money on hobbies they feel are moving forward.

I have not upgraded my DSLR in quite a long time. There really is no need. The images from the older cameras are great and the megapixel race approched the point of diminishing returns a long time ago.

The newest 6d from canon is just now putting wifi and picture to social media. Doesn't have 4k, doesn't have in camera editing or big display like a new smart phone.

Instead of begrudgingly give us features that have been on smartphones for a long time now, Canon and Nikon should be leading this revolution of features for cameras. For smartphones, cameras and features are an afterthought yet they are leading technology wise DSLRs by quite a margin.

Nikon feels the need to go backwards with a retro camera... come on Nikon is that all you got.

Just a little rant. I am not going to give up my dslr, but I am fustrated how slow Canikon moves and how fast smart phones plow ahead with photography which is an afterthough or a sideshow to the smartphones main purpose. A cell phone.

Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS-1D Nikon 1 V1
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