Please help! Restore pictures from Low Level formated Card.

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dunstbob wrote:

none of these programs will work so please stop trying, if you done a low level format then all is lost, let me explain as best I can to you on how it works.

Normal format just removes the first digit of each file, so computer or camera does not see anything but is recoverable because if you know what the file is you can put that first digit back, or some programs do most of work for you but not always with success.

Low level format however changes every single digit (byte) for a zero, so you see, it is useless because you cant even see part of a file because it does not exist.

Yes, but looking at the SD technical specs, the writing of that zero seems to be a normal write operation and so should be subject to normal write times, meaning it will take a certain amount of time to complete the operation, based on the size of the card. This could be several minutes or much longer.

Whereas reading through the posts, it seems that this took seconds, not minutes, so I'm coming from at this from the position that a low level format may not actually have been completed.

I spoke with a friend about it and he also thinks a low level format would be subject to the cards write times.

His advice is to contact Canon Technical support. He is a Canon user and has dealt with them for a firmware issue with his camera, where they remoted in to his computer and accessed the camera from the USB port and used a variety of custom diagnostic tools to fix the issue. He speaks very highly of them.

Canon are the most likely to know exactly what their software did during the low level format. The only question is whether tech support would get involved with this kind of issue, but it can't hurt to try.


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