Nikon Df, how easy to focus manually?

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not designed for manual focus

IMHO , like all modern DSLRs

Looking through the VF as compared to the FM is like looking through an APS-C camera VF

kind of dark and grainy, and this is with a fast f1.8 50mm lens

The green dot does help but your eyes would have to be looking for it while manually focusing, it's not very instantaneous and natural

Sorry to disappoint but the Df is no FM when it comes to VF and i can compare both side by side since I still have 2 FMs and a FE with me

The FM is a delight to focus, the Df can only be relegated to AF , or very slow deliberate MF

I only plan to use MF for macros so don't matter much to me but others who live and die by MF may be advised to test the Df for themselves and don't listen to anyone

Make sure it works for you and not for me


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