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Re: Metabones wide open button??

ZzzooM3 wrote:

love_them_all wrote:

I just got the Metabones EF-E MkIII adaptor. It works great on the A7R. But does anybody know what is and how to use that "wide open button" on the adaptor?

On the website it says it's opposite to a dof preview button. But isn't the lens is always wide open anyway? Is it for movie mode (I need to play with that to see)?

No, the lens is definitely NOT wide-open all the time. You spent a lot of money for a lens adapter that has electronic integration with your a7. You set the aperture and shutter speed just as you do for any Sony E-mount lens. The wide open button temporarily opens the shutter so you can focus manually better. AF also works but it is slower than with an E-mount lens. Check their website for a list of compatible lenses.

That would depend on what mode you're using the adapter. From the manual:

"In Green Mode, battery power is conserved by reduced aperture diaphragm movements and image stabilization (if the lens is so equipped) operation. The aperture diaphragm will not stop down until the shutter release is fully depressed or the movie capture button is depressed. In Green Mode, image stabilization is not activated until the shutter release button is half-pressedor movie capture begins."

Also saw this:

"The lens' aperture is set to wide open for ease of focusing while the Wide-Open (WO) button of the Metabones Speed Booster / Smart Adapter is depressed. Release the button and the lens will return to the aperture set on the camera.

This wide-open function is automatically shut off when you actually take a picture and during movie capture.

On some camera bodies, this wide-open function is unavailable when the Metabones Smart Adapter is in Green Mode."

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