Nikon Df, how easy to focus manually?

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Re: Nikon Df, how easy to focus manually?


I tried the Df today at my dealer and found the viewfinder to be bright, clear and easy to overlook. I adjusted the diopter until I saw the findermarkings in optimal sharpness. Focus clearly snapped in and out with the 1,8/50. Only problem is: None of the shots that looked sharp in the finder were sharp on the sensor. The focusing-aid with the green dot and arrows agreed with the sensor and the af, but not with my eyesight.

AF was spot on, manual focusing by green-dot was spot on, manual focusing by eyesight was consistently off to the same side by a fairly large margin.

I repeated the test with my D800E and got better results, better but not good. I have a 1,5X loupe on my D800E, there were non on the Df. That may account for the difference.

I then compared to my old EM with it's splitscreen. There it is very easy to nail focus.

I was a bit disappointed. I really liked the looks of the Df, I like the ergonomics (fits my hands much better than the FE), I am @ home with the dials. But I would use it for manual lenses and I need a splitscreen for that. Also, I found the 16 MP sensor to be lacking. Guess I'm spoiled by the D800E.


Ralf C.

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