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This thread is intended to be the continuation of the previous thread, about to expire, "A Great Lens for GXR-M." I will leave a link to this thread on the old thread, sort of like a trail of breadcrumbs! Let the discussion begin!

To start, here's a GXR question: I just purchased and am now awaiting delivery of one of those Ricoh lens covers that opens automatically whenever the camera is powered on. But I have no idea which of the GXR lensor units it is supposed to fit. Perhaps someone who has one can provide a complete or at least partial answer?

The self opening lens cap works with the S10 and P10 modules, only.

That's true for the smaller lens cap. The larger LC-3 lens cap works with the much larger A16 24-85mm APS-C lens unit. It also has 4 leaves/petals instead of the three used by the smaller LC-2, and the two on the left and right side are smaller (similar to petal style lens hoods), so it may also be somewhat effective as a lens hood when the lens is zoomed out to 24mm. When zoomed in to longer focal lengths, the lens extends way past the petals, making them completely useless to act as a lens hood.

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