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Re: GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

Run - I like to do research on things, and, believe me, venturing into lens adapters when I had no experience with advanced digital cameras was a real adventure! And research can be a dangerous thing (for me) because it's easy to get all enthusiastic about something, and it's a short skip to the "buy now" button.

When it comes to info about Yeenon adapters and their quality, that's all on Tom. He has written in several threads about them. He did explain to me the DKL adapters tend to be more expensive because of the attached aperture ring and that the Yeenon fits the SK lenses nicely. My FIL's camera is broken and my husband was hesitant to monkey around with it. Manual is MIA and it was unclear if lens was part of problem. Tom was kind enough to tell me how to detach and determine if lens was functional. Sure enough, it works and appears to be a little gem, even has filter attached.

Jim - I can only echo Run's comment. I did a search on the bay for Yeenon DKL to Nikon adapter, and he does have one. There are other dealers and brands from China, but Yeenon's have Yi Neng on the adapter. I have no knowledge of the quality of the others and cannot speak positively or negatively about them. Heck, I don't even have my own adapter yet!

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