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Re: Why is anyone still buying then D600?

Rick Knepper wrote:

Did you get it for $99.99 plus 1000 reward points and a Cameta tote bag?

It's unfixable hence the D610.

jjsterling wrote:

Well I got my D600 ( serial # 300xxxx - 687 shutters) from Cameta Camera yesterday 12/3/13 with the recent $1299 pricing and it has over 25 spots that I can see at f/22 at 200mm with my 70-200 and yes of blue sky

Now I wonder if I should call up Nikon and send it to them for cleaning or replacement or Cameta

I guess they never refurbished as the outside of the pretty Nikon box indicates . A little misleading wouldn't you say.

I don't want to spend the time wet cleaning it, never done it before and I don't think I should have to since it is suppose to have come clean to start.

I wonder who I would return it to if I so desire. Nikon or Cameta.


Wrong.  Many people have report no more problems once Nikon replaced the shutter.  Lens rentals has reported the D610 shutter looks exactly the same as the D600 shutter.  The only reason the D610 exists is because of internet hysteria like your post that ruined the reputation of a perfectly good camera that just had a manufacturing defect in some of the production runs, not even the majority of them either.

We never heard from the silent majority of thousands of D600 users that had no problems at all and so no reason to go online and post about the camera. So the skewed perception online was that all D600s had the problem when they didn't.  Rather than fight this negative and incorrect perception Nikon just improved a couple of small things so they could rename the camera to the D610 after the defect was sorted out by passing the need to convince the online community that the D600 was "fixed" when only a small number of them ever had the problem anyway.

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