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Bob Tullis
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Re: "Just keep at it" is right.

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

Color in the urban environment has always vexed me. Before I had the sense of color manipulation I have now, I'd resort to monochrome to avoid the frustration with color. That practice working with tones only was a lesson for exposures and post exposure brightness tweaking.

I'm not a big fan of B/W. After reading your message I suspect I will be playing with the HSL controls tomorrow. Any particular stand out problems in image one? Just too saturated?

Your second image is outstanding.

Thanks for the high praise. I have to admit I was proud of myself for spotting that composition. It was the last shot of the night and I spent so much time trying different settings to make sure I had a good one that I had to rush back to my car to avoid my meter expiring. I plan to post what happened on the f8 version. I don't understand why that made it unusable.

I'm rambling now, but the gist of this message is in the subject, as Art rightfully suggested. Though, too bad DetailMan isn't around lately, I think he and you would get along rather well. You might want to look for his posts from a year to three ago.

Will do. Hopefully he'll come back. I remember a few of his posts shortly after I started posting on this forum.

But mainly, DANG you have a lot more about you with the craft than many - give yourself a break while you bang your head on all this stuff.

It hasn't escaped me that I occasionally take a good shot or two. I just don't want to rest on my laurels. I want to keep getting the kind of great feedback I've had in this thread.

Here's two interpretations (out of many potential interpretations) of the problematic exposure.

The reason I chose this location is because of the colored lights on the bridge so I'm not a fan of B/W for this. However, that second one is incredibly cool! Care to give me a few hints how you accomplished it? Is this the magic of the HSL controls?

Between that post and now, another thing also occurred to me. Even with a bad execution of a good composition, I'd work them over to see what could be salvaged, for the developing practice. This I think was a rather significant practice I normally don't acknowledge (to myself), in retrospect.   This is not stuff I'd ask for feedback on, though.   It was about honing chops and understanding what I do and don't find acceptable when forced to make concessions (and how).

As to the question. . . hmmm. Maybe I could send you the settings as a LR profile. It's too much to relate here (every module in LR was utilized, save the duo-tone). But I'm leaving for the weekend now, won't be at the computer until Monday again. I'll try to remember to flesh that out when I return (nudge me if necessary, next week).

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