Camera strap recommendation for OM-D

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Re: Camera strap recommendation for OM-...B-grip

I used a Black Rapid sling and it in my opinion it is far superior to a traditional strap. It's strap is a little thick for the EM-5, as it may be made for a heavier traditional DSLR. It's not perfect as my hand bumps into it when I walk, but it's still better than a camera banging on my chest and way less conspicuous, if that matters to you. I used it all through Thailand and Vietnam. I often turn it around and let it sit on the small of my back.

However I am now experimenting with a B-Grip. It's a totally different way to carry a camera, but I really like it.

The camera sits on your belt and is supported by a secure solid plastic holder. There is no strap on your shoulder, no hand on the camera, and you are free to walk, hike or run. It's easy to bring up to your eye and then goes right back into the holster and is very secure. It works well with a smaller M43 with any lens no matter how long.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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