GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

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Re: GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

N Desmond wrote:

Run, I replied re the Kodak Retina and DKL on the old thread. Will migrate here when it maxes. Think LC-2 is for P and S units, LC-3 is for A16. Don't know what is used for 50 and 28mm units.

Right. The LC-2 attaches to the P10 and S10 units. The LC-3 is for the 24-85mm A16 unit with the large APS-C sensor. I've never seen any similar extending lens caps for the 50mm micro or 28mm units they couldn't really work. The extending lens caps attach to the lens barrel which doesn't move when the GXR is powered on but the lenses extend, pushing through the petals of the extending lens caps. The 50mm and 28mm units on the other hand have lens caps that attach to the end of the lenses, not to the lens barrel, so when they're powered on, the entire lens caps would move with the lens, so the lens wouldn't be able to push any petals even if the lens caps had any.

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